Saved loops in DJay Pro on iPad

I’m new to Djay pro and DJ’ing in general, so please speak to me like I’m a 5 year old.

I have saved a loop for a track, but now when I play the whole track it gets stuck at that loop section and plays over and over.

Is there a way of saving loops for use when I need them, but still being able to play the whole track when needed too?

I’m on the iPad version, using a pioneer ddj-200 controller.


Hi Jules and welcome to the forum and Dj’ing…
So not too familiar with the DDJ 200 but I don’t think it has an actual dedicated hardware Loop or Saved Loop pad so it will have to be done through the app it self.
To resolve your issue, go to the Loop section in the app and go to the Saved section and then de select that saved loop.

Then when you need them, go to the saved loop and select it again…It should be highlighted in the beatgrid for the next time .


Thank you so much! I knew it would be something simple!

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Hi all,

I just wanted to chime in and thank @maurizio_T for providing a great and informative answer!

I will go ahead and mark their response as a solution due to the op having stated this solved their problem!

Thank you all for being members of our community!

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