Saving Adjusted Song Tempo

I use DJ for playing ballroom dances. I create playlists before each gig. Some of the songs usually need to have their tempo adjusted. Is there anyway to save the desired tempo for each song individually. My desire is to be able to setup the playlist with proper tempos for all songs and then just autoplay my playlist during the dance (with the occasional change to the play list based on requests). Currently, I need to sit at the computer while the songs play and adjust the tempo manually once the song has been queued up. This prevents me from being able to socialize with the dancers as I have to be constantly going back to the DJ booth to adjust tempos.

Hi @ScottCoe,

  1. It is not possible to have djay automatically adjust the song tempo to a specific value when loading it.
  2. I think what you’ll need to do is run your songs through a software like Ableton Live or Audacity to morph them to the desired BPM.
  3. Alternatively, you could load the song into djay Pro, use the tempo faders to adjust it to the desired value and then record the song at that tempo. This would give you a copy of the song at a different BPM from the original. Just make sure you have Key Lock enabled before you record it.

Thanks for the feedback. Sound cloud does not allow copyrighted songs to be recorded using Djay

This is true. In this case you will need to either purchase the songs first or use an external recording device.

How do I clear DJAY showing that a song had already been played today?

I play my songs before a set and then want to clear DJAY showing that it has already been played so that I can put it on AutoPlay later that day and have it play that song (not skip it)


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