Saving the state of the app on quit

Relatively new but have gotten deeply into DJ Pro 2 on a Mac.

While I enjoy the software a lot one thing has me completely confused:

Is there no function or built-in save app status?!?

I have to set up the panels (cue points, loops, etc), deck arrangement, all those things EVERYTIME I open the app again?

Maybe I am just overlooking that most basic feature…


Hi Louis,

thank you for your mail.

Can you further point out which settings you have to setup each time you are opening djay Pro 2?

Hi Louis,

thank you for sharing your needs and thoughts.

The Settings you have mentioned which were configured in a previous session are getting saved when they are applied on all decks.

E.g. The FX Pad Panels are reopened after start up if selected on all 2/4 decks.

I hope this helps you to understand the dynamic :slight_smile:

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Hi Lukas,

Thank you for asking. Yes with pleasure:

  1. basic deck setting, meaning single, two or four deck view.
  2. FX setting. Including the tab on which they were last, I prefer mine to default to my * faves setting. When skipping through them during my sets
  3. Library Arrangement: split view with queue open on the right side
  4. Apple-Y should be attached to the last controller I edited (it always changes to others randomly when I want to change assignments on my controller.
  5. Panels!!! I prefer to start with an 8 cuepoint and saved loops setting per deck in a 2 deck view.

A feature request would be to have an option to freeze the app on quit, maybe even org he tracks loaded (I know gat could be a problem with Spotify tracks) so that one can basically quit and pick up right where one has left off.

The way it is now I have to click around 50! times (Not kidding, try for yourself) before I can start my set.

Hi Lukas.

Thank you for pointing out the FX element to my question. Noted.

Here’s a little video (1min) that shows you how the panels (FX, LOOPS, CUE) get reset, even after I do make changes to them.

100% reproducible every time. The same applies to the status of the library display (I’d like to have it saved in split status on quit, it always defaults to external (Spotify, iTunes etc)…

Were you able to verify the lack of saving the last state of the app via my video?
Still dealing with this on a daily base?