Saving the tapped BPM?


I see a lot of issues about analyzing the BPM speed of Drum 'n Bass and (UK)Hardcore tracks. I have the same problem.

A lot of those fast tracks are analyzed exact the half of what it should be. But if you double the speed, it is not synced correctly. For example; a track of 180BPM is analyzed as 90BPM. If I double the speed, it is not the same as 180BPM by tapping.

Tapping is a good fix for getting the (somewhat) the right BPM speed, but you cannot save this for next time.

Idea: can you create a button next to the ‘revert’ button labeled ‘save’ to save the BPM in the database of Djay to overwrite the analyzed BPM?

I love the app and the analyzing is really good for slow dance/house songs (±130BPM), but for songs what I want to mix, there is still lot of work to do. I see this option as a neet “quick fix”, but I hope you will fix these issues about analyzing fast tracks.

Thanks in advance!

I have to tap the BPM for jazz, boogie woogie, swing, an “old” Music myself and i note the BPM in the Name so i have a chance to use dijay.

BPM ist very important an more important than any noice making features.