SB2 and headphone mix question

Another question I have about using the Pioneer DDJ-SB2 with Djay Pro 2 regards the function of the headphones mix rotary knob on the SB2 which if turned all the way to the left is the cue audio in the headphones and all the way to the right is the master audio. What I don’t understand is why the deck faders impact the volume of the master audio in the headphone mix but not the cue volume. My expectation is that the master audio going to the headphones would be a constant volume independent of the deck fader as is the case for cue audio. Is my expectation out of line?

Note that normally I have the deck faders set to the mid way position which means that the master audio in the headphones is at a significantly lower volume level than the cue audio.

I’m not sure you understand my issue. I know that the cue audio exists so the DJ can listen to a track on the deck that isn’t playing out the mains and I know that the line faders control the output of a deck to the mains. My point is that when I use the knob that controls the headphone mix between cue and master audio, the master audio volume is much lower than the cue audio such that I have trouble hearing the master audio, even when the knob is fully turned to master audio source. The problem is that the master audio volume in the headphones depends on where the line fader is, unlike cue audio. I know I can raise the master audio volume in the headphones by moving the line fader up but that also affects the volume out of the mains which is undesirable. I would rather have both the cue and master audio coming through the headphone mix at the same volume independent of the line faders and be able to use the headphone mix function to dynamically select the percentage of each audio source I hear in the headphones.

Hi there,

the Master Audio will get impact of the Line Faders.

If you have a Line Fader on 0, you don’t want the track to be heard in the Master (because this is the track you possibly want to play as next track - you are pre cueing it).

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