SB3 IOS users out there?

Hey all

Newbie here have been using Pro on the IPad Pro for about 3 months.

I had been using the DDJ-200 but have today ordered an SB3 as no 400s around and I found one for a good price.

I assume that it as all mapped to Pro now after reading some old threads but how are current users finding the SB3/IPad combo!

(I appreciate that this seems like a question I should have asked before buying the SB3😂)

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I’ve had no real issues with it at all, some buttons don’t work as I’d expect i.e.the cue button on the ipad returns to the cue point and carries on playing if pressed, the cue button on the controller returns to the cue point and stops dead…not ideal!
You’ll still need to interact with the iPad for certain tasks, if you want to swap between EQ and NeuralMix it has to be done on the interface as there is no button on the SB3 to do this.
If you use the sampler (the 3x3 grid above the right deck filter knob), you will notice there are 16 sample slots. These equate to the 16 buttons on the SB3 - 8 buttons below each deck, so to use it properly you will need to have BOTH decks in sampler mode and the buttons then map to the 16 on screen, if you only have one deck in sampler mode then you will only have the 8 samples to play with. You can get around this by creating your own sample packs and allocating buttons accordingly, if you don’t want to have both decks in sampler mode at the same time.
On the FX pad, this isn’t obvious but if you move the level knob that changes the D/W setting for all 3 FX at once BUT if you push shift and then move the level knob you can also change the intensity of the FX as well, so that’s a minor hidden gem although, it’s still annoying that you cannot change the levels and intensity on a ‘per FX’ basis, it’s an all-or-nothing approach!
On the whole though, whilst the SB3 isn’t a professional level controller it does work really well with djay and I’m quite happy with it.
To be honest, I djayed for Moses on stone tablets prior to all this ‘new-fangled’ shenanigans and I’m really happy with it!!

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I cancelled the SB3 and got a DDJ 400 :see_no_evil:

I connected my sb3 to my 7th gen iPad and it seems to have everything mapped but my jog wheel aren’t 100% responsive and it doesn’t not completely stop the Track or Allow for scratching. However, when the track is not playing I seem to have more response from the jog wheel . Please help

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