Sb3 jog wheel issues

Please help me dial in my ddj jog wheel for djay pro on my iPad . While the track is playing touching the jog wheel has little response but when the track is cued I have more control when scrubbing the track . It’s weird but I can seem to fix it

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Couple of things to remember when using the SB3 jog wheels;

The jog-wheel is two controls in one and the outer ring and the platter are NOT the same thing and have different functionality.

If you touch the outer ring you can control the effective speed of a track so holding it or rotating anti-clockwise will slow a track down, whilst rotating the ring clockwise will speed the track up, this is useful if a beatmatch goes off and you need to adjust to match the other deck…

If you touch the top of the jog wheel i.e. ‘the plate’, this is like putting your hand on a record and should stop the movement of the trackhead (vinyl). You can then scratch whilst you are touching the platter and not the outer ring.

Also don’t forget to make sure you have the correct mode selected for what you are trying to do on the SB3, either Vinyl (button lit) or Slip (button not lit), these settings also have an outcome of what the platter and wheel do.

One final point I’ll make is my left deck is notoriously crud at anything related to deck control with the platter but my right deck works as intended…do you have the same issue with both decks or is one just ‘playing up’?


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Hello, have you solved your issue or not yet ?

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