Scratch Button on IPad screen for Numark Idjay Pro

Hello Algoriddim team,
first of all thank you for this amazing App!!!
As i am using Djay2 with the numark Idj Pro mixing became an very easy job.

I meanwhile i have bought the second Numark mixer already because the crossfader system broke down on the first one.
As i do a lot of scratching the crossfaders really don ́t last very long.

My personal wish for the next update:
Could you integrate a crossover/scratch button into the surface when using the Numark Idj Pro mixer?
The crossover button should make a quick crossover while touching and go back immediately when you release it.
Till now you can use the load button on the mixer or touch the other disc with two fingers.
But this manner doesn’t work well at all when you want to do scratching.
It doen ́t really match in what you actually want to achieve.

I made a quick picture where to incorporate the button in the display when you work with the Numark mixer. Marked in red squares!!!
It is just an idea!!!

Is that possible?

Thanks too all