Screen resolution changes

  • Device model: AMD Ryzen Thread Ripper 1950X 16-Core Processor 3.40 GHz 48’ monitor
  • Version of operating system: windows 11 Pro v22000.2538
  • Version of Djay: 5.1.1
  • Hardware/controllers used:

Why the resolution of DJ Pro 5 doesn’t change no matter what setting I change my monitor resolution to.
720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K. All other DJ software change with the resolution changes Traktor Pro 3/DJ 2, Rekordbox 6/7, Virtual DJ, Serato DJ, Cross DJ 4, Deckadance DJ or Engine DJ. I made mention to this in a tread in the beta testing but never go an answer. It seems like a static iPad version converted to windows. No resolution changes. Can I get some clarity on this please. If you set DJ pro to Full screen mode it doesn’t adjust to the resolution of the settings of the resolution set, but in minimize mode it will go to the resolution setting but only on half of the monitor.

Normally people would use their monitor at its native resolution, and there would be no need to change it.

Some DJ software uses vector graphics to draw its GUI on screen. This enables the interface to display clearly at different resolutions and screen sizes. Other software uses bitmap graphics, which can result in a blurry appearance.

I’ve noticed this with DJay. On a phone or tablet it looks OK, but on a large screen it’s quite evident that some parts are bitmap.

That’s what is baffling to me all my other DJ apps properly scale to the native resolution of 4k but Djay pro seems like it might be a 1080p/720p scaling only, can some from algoriddim clarify this for me. Why Djay Pro 5 doesn’t scale properly on a 4k monitor to 4k resolution.

Hi @Melbourne, I’ve forwarded your question to the engineering team and will report back here when I have an answer. Thanks!

MacBook Air M1, 2020
macOS Sonoma 14.3.1
djay Pro 5.1.2 (sometimes you write it “PRO”)
Pioneer DDJ-FLX4

On high resolution monitors it becomes apparent that the resolution of some icons is not sufficient (see native picture).

Greetz Chris

Yes this has also been mentioned in another recent thread, and it’s one of the first things I noticed about DJay when I installed it here.

Hi @Chq, please use the search before creating new topics to help us keep this forum organized and running efficiently. I have moved your other topic to the existing one. Thanks!

This is a screen shoot in 4k minimize and full screen.

As you can see the Djay Pro 5 in Fullscreen doesn’t scale properly.

Thanks for the screenshots @Melbourne

I can confirm that on a Macbook too. When I drag Djay to my secondary monitor (3440x1440) and set it to full screen, the UI enlarges so over the top that my 90-year-old grandma could still see it from 5 meters away. That’s pretty uncool because it doesn’t utilize the space of the monitor. It’s like blowing up an iPad to 34 inches. Something really needs to be done about that.

Hi everyone. It sounds like potentially different issues happening on Windows and Mac. The team is looking into the low resolution icons issue on macOS.

@Melbourne, the engineering team has asked me to clarify your specific issue.

  1. Is the problem that djay only scales up to your monitor resolution when it’s set to half screen?
  2. Then the resolution drops when set to full screen mode?
  3. Is the drop in resolution applied to the entire djay screen or only to certain sections?
  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. Only in certain section :thinking: I would say that the whole app, but the Grid editor, Player section and the neural mix is definitely not scaling properly in full screen. Hope this helps out.

Here are 2 screenshots on a 3440x1440 resolution (Macbook). The upper one shows fullscreen. Imagine that on a 34" - 30cm distance from your eyes. :joy:

With an ultra wide screen like that, obviously the layout of the interface is not going to match the shape of the screen. Yes there’s certainly an issue with the low resolution bitmap elements looking blurry on larger screens, but software like this that replicates real life hardware (skeuomorphic) can’t just rearrange itself to fit all screen shapes.

How would you expect it to look in the first example?

Serato, Mixxx or Traktor get it right, just to name a few examples. It’s not always “pretty”, but it scales correctly. The main benefit is that you can see a lot of the library.

Could you post some example pics of how those apps look, please?

What about Rekordbox?

VirtualDJ I imagine would not be an issue as it uses vector graphics and of course can be skinned (skins can be made to suit any monitor).

Thanks for the follow up @Melbourne. I’ll share this with the team and report back when I have news.

I will not install all DJ Apps on my computer to make screenshots. I used Mixxx and Traktor a lot and it was no problem with the ultrawide display. I can show a screenshot from the free version of Serato of course (2nd pic) - and as a comparison a screenshot of a similar screen-setting in DJAY (1st pic) - which is okayish but still has very BIG elements. And thats the problem: some elements like buttons or the crossfader (if visible) get very large when going to fullscreen.

And about Rekordbox: I dont know, I dont use EVERY DJ-Software. :wink:

Here is my screen shots

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The rest

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