Screenshots of iPad "controller mode?"

Just got Djay, and already eying a bunch of controllers. But, before I do, I’m really really curious what “controller mode” looks like on iPad. I have an iPad mini, which I love for almost everything, but… in this case, I think a controller would really help out. I couldn’t find screenshots anywhere on the site or through searches of how the UI changes when Djay knows there’s controller attached. All I’ve noticed was the “four decks” controller-only view in the manual. But, nothing else.

Looking mainly at the Mixtour or a couple Intech Grids. Anyway… did I miss this somewhere? I wish there was a way to “demo” it in the app (i.e. manually turn it on for “test” purposes). If it doesn’t help out that much, then I’d be much less interested in controllers. Especially interested in how it looks vertically/portrait (or even if it works vertically). Cheers!

I think you’re talking about Hardware mode?

In Pro Mode on the iPhone - Hardware Mode gets rid of the on-screen faders (cross, level and tempo) and moves the PLAY/CUE buttons to the side. The rest of the screen is repurposed for performance tools (Loops, FX, Neural Mix, EQ etc.)

For me, the main benefit of Hardware mode is that it moves the Faders and PLAY/CUE controls out of the way, so I’m less likely accidentally fat-finger those touch controls. (Ha ha, go ahead ask me how I know.) Another benefit of Hardware mode, the Waveforms and Jog Wheels can share the screen. In regular no-hardware mode, the Waveforms and Jog Wheels are on separate pages.

Regular Mode (no Hardware)

Hardware Mode