scrolling problem with Djay Pro for windows. It get stuck scolling & won't stop til you close program.

scrolling problem with Djay Pro for windows. It get stuck scolling & won’t stop til you close program.
if you are using the up & down arrow keys to look threw your songs. It gets stuck & keep on scrolling & won’t stop til you restart the program. I have had it do it many times in an hour period. I cant trust a program during a gig that out of the blue will need to be restarted to use multiple times.
if anyone can help with this issue or have had this very issue?

Thank you

Hey DjDre Kutter,

thank you for your post and I am very sorry to hear that.

Are you using an external controller while this issue is happening or are you using your keyboards Up and Down Arrows.
Also it would be interesting if this is appearing every time.

Thank you for your follow up in advance.


Please note that this issue was fixed with our last djay Pro for Windows Update.

I hope you are no longer facing this issue when using our latest version.

Lukas E.

Every topic I check, there’s your reply how you are sorry etc. The same reply every time. But does Algoriddim gives a damn about fixing some issues? I can see most comments are old but as I experience the app now, these problems seem to be there still. What’s going on?
It’s an app you certainly can’t rely on…! At least if you are a PC user.