SD Cards vs.USB Stick?

Hi all, I’m fairly new at the DJ stuff. It’s been my side gig for about a year and a half. I like using Tidal because I can get almost every song I need very easily. However, we all know that sometimes wifi isn’t always reliable or available. I’ve download a lot of music to my computer, but it’s starting to fill up. So, I bought an adaptor that has an SD slot (also, a mini slot). First question, is an SD card better than USB flashdrive/stick? And, secondly, has anyone transfered music from Tidal to either SD card or USB drive? Tidal says it’s possible, but I’ve tried transferring Tidal music before via a 3rd party app, and it definitely didn’t go as smooth as it advertised. I would love to be able to just download my playlist to SD card for a gig and not have to worry if the internet is good or not. Or worry if my hotspot will mess up as it has in the past. Thank you for your wisdom and expertise! ALSO - for the most important question - My DJ name. LOL! Everyone keeps telling me I need a DJ name. But, nothing seems to stick. One that seems to stick for me started out as a joke, but I kinda like it. I’m a mental health therapist during the day - and DJ by night, so I started calling myself DJ E-Motion. I thought it was kinda catchy. I’m a weekend backyard events and restaurant DJ. Nothing fancy, soooo…


  1. Regarding SD card vs USB stick, assuming you’re comparing these with same storage capacity and read/write speed, they’re essentially the same thing in different packaging. Personally, I’ve used both for DJing.
    A. I prefer a SD card when I plan to mostly keep it connected to the device.
    B. USB sticks are more convenient and usually more durable if you are constantly moving between devices.
  2. Regarding Tidal, this streaming service does not currently support offline music storage with djay Pro AI software or any DJ software to my knowledge. Also, I don’t believe those 3rd party Tidal downloaders are entirely legal (don’t quote me on this, I could be wrong).
  3. I recommend you check out Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK Professional. These services both offer offline lockers integrated directly into djay Pro AI. I personally use Beatport LINK Professional and it works great.
  4. As for the DJ name, here are some tips that might be helpful: DJ Names: Your Complete Guide To Choosing A Great One

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