Search field- Djay Pro

I would like to be able to search for music similar to Serato and Itunes within selected libraries and playlists and have all file information represented. Is there a way to prevent Djay from opening a new search window? Not only does it use up valuable screen space, it does not allow for all of the file information to be visually represented.

Hi Brandon,

this feature is not supported.

We understand what you are asking for and i forwarded your idea internally.

It would be great if other users could upvote your thread in order to push the issue.

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Thanks so much for the quick reply, Lukas. I hope Algoriddim sees fit to apply a solution. The current search feature really makes it difficult to decipher which track to use when multiple versions exist. It’s the one issue that is keeping me from using the software on a regular basis. Love the Spotify integration!