Search function malfunctioning. Reverting to hot keys


I’m using DJPro with a Pioneer Wego3 on a MacBook Pro (2015)

Since I upgraded my OS to Sierra I am having issues with the search bar function in both Spotify and iTunes libraries. After I type the first letter I go to type the second letter and it automatically bounces off the search and will by default use my keyboard keys as a hot key. This is a bit of an issue as it can start the track again/jump to an inappropriate hot-point/marker! This has screwed up some of my performances so now I am on tender hooks/ terrified and need to be overly careful every time I have to use search bar function. It Doesn’t happen every time just about 60% of the time! (once is too often!)

Anyway, love the product and I hope you guys sort this with your next update.


As Danny Nutt said, while using an external controller this is reducing the intent of this issue.
Be assured that we found a fix and we will try to release the next update as fast as possible.

Lukas E.

Hi Mark, I’ve experienced the same problem, it’s a nightmare. Djay have said over and over they are working on a fix- but nothing yet…

However, there is a short term solution. If you use a midi controller you won’t need keyboard shortcuts, so go to preferences-general- then click on ‘disable keyboard shortcuts’ and this will stop having unwanted loops, jumps etc. Hope that helps?

Pleasure Mark! Nice that fellow DJ’s can help each other out :slight_smile:

Lukas, great news, looking forward to it!

Fantastic! Thanks Danny