Search in auto mix or add to auto mix from library

It would be great to search for songs to add to the automix queue from the library and to show songs that have already been played.

I would love to see a full screen library or the search window in the Automix Queue!!!

Unfortunately this is not the same search window. The drop down that you are suggesting starts at “a” and would require scrolling through 4500 songs just to get to the “w” section of my song list.

There is the same search field in the ipad version. Press the automix button, then the automix queue, then the “+” and your library will be there. You click the ones you want, then press done. It will return you to show the list, and they will play in the order chosen. Additionally, there is more that you will not find, unless you get the IDJ Pro, for ipad. There will be a lot more toys once you slip the ipad into it.

That’s what playlists are for

I recently ‘upgraded’ DJay from the iPhone to the iPad version, because I assumed that this would give me only advantages. But where is the search field in Auto mix gone?? There is a search field in the iPhone version, but not in the iPad version! Why?