search not operating as expected

Search My Files doesn’t match grouping metadata but Search Folder does:
I use Grouping to find the tracks I need to play next, as part of a specific energetic wave.
When I used Search Folder it works, but when I use Search My Files, grouping metadata is not searched. This is unexpected behavior.

Additionally, Search Folder does not include subfolders. I would expect that it would find files in subfolders too. This seems broken to me, and is not very useful as is.

Hi @dflow,

Thanks for bringing these search issues to our attention. I’ve just reproduced the two issues you’ve described:

  1. Grouping metadata not showing as expected in search results
  2. Search Folder option not showing subfolder results

I’ve reported these issues to our Development Team, and I’ll keep you updated here with any progress. Thank you again for reporting this!


I just wanted to share a current workaround for issue 1: Grouping metadata not showing as expected in search results. The Comments metadata field is indexed and searchable currently, so if you copy the data you search by into that field, then the search functionality will work as expected in djay.

That said, I’ll keep this thread updated with future developments about both issues listed above.