searching capabilities are very limited

I find the search in djay pro very limited. eg if I want to search for text let us say "Alexander Abreu" and then I want to apply the Filter on this search eg only show rating > 4. this does not work. it is either or situation. the other thing is that I don’t see any possibility to do an exact search eg only search in track names and not album names. in Spotify eg I can do this by typing track:"Alexander Abreu"

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Hello @Masry_Masrawy ,

Thank you for posting your feedback here in the Algoriddim Community, and welcome!

To confirm, first, are you referring to an option to apply multiple filters while searching titles in your music library?

Furthermore, when you mention the possibility to do an exact search and provide the example of the Album vs Single names, are there any other criteria you have in mind?

Cheers :slight_smile: