Searching for songs


When you search for songs it would be nice if the results feflected the sorting selected in the playlist view. For example if I have them sorted by BPM, it would be nice that the ordering in the drop down list when searching also were sorted by BPM…

Hey Dimitri,

thank you for your idea. So a Sort Search Box List setting would be helpful, right?

Lukas E.

Hey ChrisM,

thank you for your post. Unfortunately searching within your own playlists is not possible with the iOS djay versions.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Lukas is there a way to search within your playlist? When you have your Spotify playlist open but you hit search it then searches all of Spotify. For example if I had 4 Jay-Z tracks in my playlist and I didn’t want to scroll I could search Jay-z and the 4 songs pop up. Right now it jumps out of your playlist.