See and override Auto Gain?

Hi community,

As we all know, the Auto-Gain function of DJay Pro detects and sets the gain for each track(at least when that setting is on).

I would like to know if it is possible to see the amount db (plus/minus) by which it has been corrected somewhere and if it’s possible to manually correct that auto-detected gain level?

Yes, of course, I know that the setting can be adjusted by tweaking the gain knob every time the track is loaded, but I am talking about whether this auto-gain setting can be permanently adjusted by hand and if there is a way to see the correction amount.

I hope someone knows the answer and can tell me where this setting is.

I am using:

  • Device model MacBook Pro 2019
  • Version of operating system Mac OS, Sanoma 14.4.1.
  • Version of djay: 5.1.6
  • Hardware/controllers used: Reloop Mixon 8 Pro

Hi @DJ_Big_Blender, if you enable the Mixer section when in the Pro Mode, Classic Mode or 4 Deck Mode, you will be able to see the Auto Gain levels for each channel visually. The system automatically sets this value during the track analysis and you cannot for example change the overall analysis offset.

Within Settings>Sound there is an option to Save and Restore Manually Set Gain Values if you would like to override the autogain levels for specific songs

You can also change the Output Headroom between None, -6dB, -9dB or -12dB in Settings>Sound>Output Headroom

That’s also an issue/problem in the audio section - there’s too little audio headroom. we should be able to set Output headroom to be -18dB(FS) or -24dB. it will help with what I’ve proposed elsewhere in terms of auto gain and LUFS. it will allow accurate output (master) limiting above -6…-3, -2,-1, -0.5, -0.3, -0.1…(although personally I believe any output above -6dBFS is reckless in digital audio…)

if the headroom is set to -18 and the limiter is set as a brickwall at -3, that’s 15dB of headroom…plenty, often more than enough for most djay sets. setting headroom at -24 and having a limiter at the output for -3 would make for 21db of actual headroom. this may be where we derive auto-gain adjustment values for, devs…

is there anyone at algoriddim who is a member of the Audio Engineering Society, or has a degree in audio production? seems to me this is an issue we keep running up against…nobody knows this stuff there. but I’m also not taking NeuralMix into consideration, etc etc…this is not only functionality/usability, but audio quality at stake, and i know algoriddim cares about that. maybe also a bit of an issue confusing power and pressure calculations with reference to the dB scale and dBFS…but thats not surprising with a team of people writing code…

if Algoriddim has $50, they should google this:
AES41-5-2012-r2022: AES standard for digital audio - Audio-embedded metadata - Part 5: EBU loudness, true-peak, and downmix

Thanks again for the input @heysoundude. Forwarded to the devs…

Always happy to throw my 2 cents in the wishing well, lol.
LUFS vs the output headroom setting is what the auto gain logic is running up against…from where I sit, it’s not rocket science/brain surgery…

Here’s what the engineering team had to say regarding headroom:

  • Can you please confirm that you’re asking for more headroom settings in djay (-18dB and -24dB)?
  • The limiter is post-headroom, so if you set headroom to -12dB the music is 12dB quieter but the brickwall is still at 0dBFS.
  • If you want the autogain to target a quieter level, that is mathematically equivalent to increasing headroom.

yes Please, I do want more headroom - so if they’re going to work at it, making it user-selectable would be ideal. -18 -15, -21, -24 are all good options…as long as those levels match the LUFS of the songs…see what I’m getting at here? I want the average loudness to match 0 dBVU levels, and the auto gain to shoot for that 0dBVU so that we can do our best to avoid hitting the limiter up near 0dBFS

is that clear enough for engineering? Also, hot diggity, what a fast response time! not that I expect a change to be pushed for tomorrow’s show, but…it’s coming because they’re listening!

Thanks for the additional info @heysoundude. I’ve passed this on…

Just to be absolutely clear, I want the Output headroom setting to represent the (user selectable) number of dB between “nominal” level and absolute clip/distortion, and the limiter to be user selectable dB below the clip point of the master output.
I believe it will make auto-gain (and likely some neuralMix stuff) work better

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