Selectable iTunes library/folder location to allow proper integration of external drives

As per my thread here:…

It would be useful to be able to select a library that exists in an external drive, analyse it and play from it as per the native ‘music/iTunes’ library - this will allow songs on an external drive to be listed and analysed properly rather than dragging and dropping from an external drive onto a turntable or automix queue.

You can, select that library in iTunes and then DJay will read that library.

Whatever is selected in iTunes is what DJay sees.

Or you could post the solution here for everyone to see Lukas?

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Could you please contact our support via, that would help us a lot.

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As you already pointed out, the Finder library option is implemented in djay Pro.
The only thing we could try is setting up iTunes with the external library, as you said. 

@Darren Bullough
Therefor, contacting the support for more detailed and personalised instructions would be great.

Thank you guys.
Lukas E.

I tried this but the songs from the original library are still listed in DJay (v4.2.3) and if I analize the library I get an error message that says that the songs aren’t in ‘music/iTunes’. - DJay isn’t updating itself for the new library location.