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I am a beginner and I feel more comfortable scratching with my right hand on the right platter of the controller and my left hand on the faders.

Is there a way to send a playing track from one deck to another? Or even switch decks for 2 tracks that are playing simultaneously?
I would like to be able to always scratch with the configuration that suits me the best.

Now, to all those who are going to reply that I must learn to scratch on both right and left platters, i do not have the ambition to battle nor go to competitions. I am an amateur wedding DJ and, while I always learn to be better, my current scratch skills are more than enough for the type of gigs I mix for! So please go easy on me… :sweat_smile::pray:

My setup is running DJay on an iPad pro and my controller is a Reloop Mixon 8.

Thank you for your replies! :wink:


  1. You could try using the Instant Double feature.
  2. Long press on the Album Artwork/Load button next to the overview waveform and select Double.
  3. This will create a duplicate of the currently playing song on the new deck and will start it playing at the exact same time.
  4. Then you can simply do a quick Crossfader move to the other side and stop the original deck.

Thank you so much for the quick answer!
This is perfect! :+1:

I use the way @Slak_Jaw mentions all the time!

Also, don’t worry about a preferred ‘scratch hand’, everyone has a dominant hand, I’m a righty for writing and other stuff, but like scratching with my left hand. Do what feels right.

DJ Maaco prefers scratching with his right hand and even prefers to have both decks on the right side of his mixer.

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You’re welcome @Nicolas. Happy to help.


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