Sensitivity of pitch faders

Hello everyone, I’ve noticed something on a number of controllers when it comes to using the pitch faders

If I have the sync button enabled, and I now want to adjust the track back to its original BPM, I have to literally slide the pitch fader up then down then, to the middle to get it to respond.

Is there something that I am missing here?

This is the correct behaviour. There is a reason for this if you research it.

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Can you please explain

Pressing sync doesn’t physically move the pitch fader, it synchronises the song via the software. So you have to move the physical pitch fader to where the pitch is set on the software before it makes any difference. This is often referred to as ‘catching the pitch’.

It is, as mentioned, expected behaviour - allowing you to move the physical pitch fader to align to the software to ‘catch the pitch’ without a dramatic jump in pitch. After which you can make pitch adjustments with the hardware.

Djay used to show a ‘ghost pitch’ on screen, which was useful for determining how far you had to move the fader to catch the pitch. I’ve personally requested this feature be brought back, but there wasn’t much traction.

Hope that’s helps


I would also like to see the ‘ghost pitch’ feature brought back.

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It was handy wasn’t it!

Some controllers will have light up arrows on the pitch fader to help such as the Rane One.

In the MIDI mapping, go to your Tempo map and then click the ‘show advanced controls’ section.

Take the tick out of ‘pick-up mode’, and your pitch control will jump straight to where the controller is without having to physically go and ‘pick up’ the GUI control. Hence the up&down thing.

Not in front of the Mac to do screenshots, but have a look, you’ll see what I mean.

Main problem with this approach is that it’s instant and the variation in pitch could be a bit jarring, so picking it up and slowly returning it might be more preferable.

It might not be what you’re after either, but this is the method to avoid moving the controller pitch up and down to realign the controller and the GUI.


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Boss, you want it to work that way, it’s a safety feature.

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