Separate Audio from IPAD Pro when using HDMI

Hi all,

I use an Ipad Pro 2022 with a Reloop Ready! Its a super mobile combo. I also mix a lot of video stuff and I recently added a projector with HDMI input so I can project video.

Problem: Once I connect the HDMI cable(to the USB-C adapter) the sound from IPAD is switching to HDMI from Reloop Ready and the controller basically is disappearing from the sound list in Ipad.
Interesting is that controller witch is USB plugged is still functioning, but the HDMI signal has priority in Ipad and cannot be changed.
The only way possible is to route the sound from Projector, back to mixer I use, but I loose a lot of the quality…

Do you guys have/had any issues and can share experience? Can I split somehow the HDMI signal or maybe there is some Ipad setting I don’t know?
Or, how do you send audio from Ipad to mixer/controller directly when using HDMI?
Thx a million,

Hi @DJKaraMad,

  1. Disconnect your HDMI cable, USB-C Hub/Adapter and the USB cable from your Reloop Ready.
  2. Close djay then reopen djay.
  3. Connect your USB-C Hub
  4. Connect your original Apple iPad charger and cable to the powered USB-C Hub
  5. Confirm that your iPad is charging
  6. By default, djay uses the last audio device connected as your audio output device so,
  7. Connect your HDMI cable to the USB-C hub first
  8. Now connect your Reloop Ready USB cable to your USB-C hub
  9. Finally, swipe down from the top right of your iPad screen to reveal the Control Manager.
  10. From this menu, select the icon that looks like a TV
  11. Finally, switch the output from your TV to your iPad.

Hi @Slak_Jaw,

thank you for this detailed answer.
In the end this is exactly my point, You see, at the end you have the option to choose Ipad, I have the same option, but my reloop Ready is gone.
And my problem is that I was going with audio out from the controller, not from the adapter.
So basically I’m wondering why the controller is no more recognized even if you plugged it at the end…
My only option is to get out from the adapter that has a 3.5 jack and go into the board…

Thx a lot for the answer, appreciate it!

You’re welcome @DJKaraMad. In this case is sounds like a connection or power issue.

  1. Please share a screenshot of your djay Settings>Audio Devices
  2. How exactly are you connecting the Reloop Ready to the iPad?
    a. Please share photos of all connections points to the Ready and the iPad.
    b. Are you using the USB cable that came with the Ready or a different one?
  3. What position is the iOS/PC switch on the side of the Ready set to?
  4. Are you using the original Apple iPad charging brick and cable that came with your iPad and is you iPad charging when everything is connected?
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Hi @Slak_Jaw,

first let me apologize for this late answer, I was really sure that I have already answered to you, but I was wrong.
so, after doing your above steps, you are right, the order of plugging the cables matters, I have to plug the controller last, always…
problem solved.
Thanks a lot for the clear instructions!

take care!

You’re welcome @DJKaraMad. Thanks for the follow up.

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