Separate Automix shuffle options for Queue/Playlist

I love using Automix, but I always want to be able to keep the Queue played in the order I set, but then shuffle the Playlist I choose afterwards. It would be great to have a Shuffle option separate for each lists.

Tested again. Shuffle setting effects both Queue and selected playlist. I guess the idea is, let the queue play in order and then hit shuffle for the automix. But if I want to add items to the queue during an Automix set, and play in that order, I have to unshuffle first.

This feature used to work before some major changes in djay pro, where I used to keep the shuffle on for automix. it would shuffle the playlist but not shuffle the queue. Not why that changed and wondering when it will be corrected. Queue by term means the next song or songs in the queue list order.

This was requested YEARS ago. Nothing so far!

Well that should help speed things along… You people do realize that we ARE working dj’s and rely on this product to make a living to support our families, right?

Thank you for pointing that out djmagicmoments. 
I added your reply and the former posts to our issue tracking system.

Cheers,Lukas E.

I’ve been testing the Mac app functions just now, and I *thought* after adding the Queue tracks, it kept the rest of the playlist Shuffled, as long as you don’t change the setting. It seemed to me Shuffle On always affects playlist main window tracks, but not the queue tracks. Were you trying to shuffle queue tracks as well? If not you might want to try it again, maybe it has changed in an update.