Separate Modes for MIDI Controller to Access Different Sets of djay Controls

I want to switch between different MIDI control layouts or profiles using a 8x8 (64+ pads) Novation Launchpad.

One mode could dedicate the pads to Looper controls and another to Neural Mix controls. Then use the additional buttons on the Launchpad to switch between the two modes.

This way I can dedicate a secondary controller to complex needs that otherwise require too much poking about in djay with a finger or a mouse and cannot be accommodated on a conventional DJ controller.

Is this possible in anyway via djay’s custom MIDI configurations?

The main limitation seems to be that djay only allows one set of controls on a third party controller like the Launchpad. If I create a custom MIDI Configuration, it can only be applied to the buttons available that control djay’s parameters. Djay doesn’t have a way to step outside its own parameters and dedicate different control profiles to modes in a given third party controller.

I could create separate MIDI Configurations in djay that have different controls. So, one MIDI Configuration could be for Looper and another for Neural Mixing. Unfortunately, using this method would require drilling down into djay Settings > MIDI Devices > Launchpad Mini > MIDI Configuration every time I want to switch. That’s way too time-consuming and fiddly during a set.

Even so, loading a new configuration probably wouldn’t read the current state of djay’s settings so that if I changed parameters within djay on the laptop or iPad, and then switched to a MIDI Config, it would not see what djay is already doing with those controls and there’d be a critical disconnect between controller and djay.

Djay would need to be sending feedback to the controller at all times so the controller can accurately reflect what’s actually happening in djay and this probably would occur unless djay is continuously sending feedback or there’s a specific way to trigger a scan of the configuration compared to what djay is currently doing.

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