Separate purchase for ios & android?

Hi I recently bought Djay Pro for Ios, but have decided to rather use my android tablet instead. Do I now have to purchase djay again? Is there a way i can use it on both platforms? or even just transfer it from ios to android. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This post from 3 days ago explains it all.

Short version is simply no you can’t.


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Thanks for the quick & dirty (and sad) answer. Also thanks for the link. I did do a search , but came up short.

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i highly encourage people to suggest making djay an ilok auth rather than app store subscriptions…that’ll resolve this and make (y)our subscriptions platform agnostic…but for it to work with phones/tablets, iLok will have to make a model with bluetooth…there has to be some sort of workaround I’m unaware of…

Ok, so I purchased the app for Android, however the app doesn’t see my Numark dj2go touch in the midi settings like on my iphone. Is there something else I need to do ont he tablet to enable this? I also notice that I only have the classic look available, is this a limitation of Android?

Just some feedback regarding the Android version. It is absolutely terrible compared to IOS. Very limited midi controller support (of which the one I use isn’t), no audio routing to external devices, on screen controls are laggy (sometimes borderline unresponsive). I’m actually shocked at just how poor it is. Does it work? - Yes. Does it work well? - No. I guess sometimes, you gotta learn the hard way.

as an intro or gateway to the app on the hardware it’s intended for, djay for android is ok, but I wouldn’t try to use it professionally. (a neat thing for kids to play with too, if they’re musically inclined)
That’s what I did to prove the use case to a sceptical client, back when spotify worked pre-covid. now it’s on an iMac and with Tidal Hifi+ and not a hiccup or stumble, zippity doodah all the live long day and night.


Even on my almost ancient iphone 6s, this app is rock solid, so I can just imagine it on an iPad pro or similar high end apple device. I just never thought it would be as bad as it is on Android. This was meant purely for backup purposes & not my main system at all. But I’ve spent (kinda feels like wasted) too much on this now. I spent money on a Dj2Go Touch, money on the iphone version, money on a CCK for the iphone, then realised that I need to use my phone at times, so it wasn’t a good backup device. I saw there was an Android version, so I went & spent money on an Android tablet, money on a 128gb sd card for the tablet and money on the Android version of the app… now after all of that, I still don’t actually have a proper backup plan :see_no_evil:

something would have to be quite wrong with even an older macbook for you to need a backup system, but I admire your decision to be prepared for things to go awry on a show. I’d build a system that’s strictly for djay, and not use it for anything other than djay. the decade old imac I use can be had for $300-400…if your controller/interface can be used with one of those/similar macbook, it’d be pretty cheap insurance as far as I’m concerned.

I don’t use a laptop when doing gigs. I’m using a Denon Prime setup and although the system has been rock solid, a few weeks ago I bumped one of my usb sticks & the UI froze for about 5mins (sound was still playing). Luckily I already had tracks loaded on all the decks which allowed me to keep the music going. 2 tracks later the UI went back to normal & all was good. That’s when I realised that I need a backup plan. I’ll rather have it & not need it than the other way around.

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Thanks for sharing your feedback and to the others who commented on this thread as well.

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