Serato Crates & Cue Points in djay Pro AI Not Refreshing

Have been messing around with the latest version of djay pro AI (4.0.12) and was pleased to see Serato crates (had been a while), However, I noticed that while djay will recognize changes to Serato crates (deleting crates, adding or removing songs), it won’t recognize changes made to the cue points.

I was surprised to see it recognized Serato cue points (not sure how long this has been possible), so I attempted to refresh the library (command + R) but djay wouldn’t recognize the cue changes…not sure how everything works under the hood, but is there a way to force djay to re-read the cues?

Or maybe I’m missing something and action needs to be taken on the Serato end—for reference, I went ahead and edited cue points in Serato, closed out and then opened djay—I’m assuming the inverse is not possible (adding cues in djay and recognizing them in Serato)?

This is all very interesting, and any information / clarity on how this functionality is supposed to work would be greatly appreciated—have been hoping to switch back full time to djay for a couple of years, and this would make it official. @Jru @Emily
Thank you!

Update 1
Tested a couple of approaches out—seems as if though if a track has never had any cues assigned and you go ahead and assign them in Serato first, djay will recognize them (same is true if you go back and delete them, as djay then won’t show any cues).

However, if you go back and re-add cue points in Serato to that same track and open up djay (even after refreshing library), djay will not recognize them (shows no cues). It’s a bit strange, but I guess seamless interaction between both programs is not in the cards? If there’s a workaround for this or some explanation of the functionality, it would be greatly appreciated!

Update 2
Experimented a bit more, this time with comments section, and did the following:

  1. Open Serato
  2. Edit track comment
  3. Close Serato
  4. Open djay

This resulted in comments accurately changing, but you must close Serato first in order for it to work. Unfortunately, the same is not true for cue points, even though I’m pretty sure they are saved within the ID3 tags. How does djay Pro AI read these cues, and how can we force the software to re-read them? (refresh library does not do the trick)

Any insights on this?

Bump anyone? This is very confusing and cue points appear and sometimes don’t…

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