Serato crates showing empty in Djay

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  • Device model: MacBook Pro
  • Version of operating system: Monterey
  • Version of djay: 5.1.3
  • Hardware/controllers used: Mixon 8 (not connected)

Summary of the issue:

I have a serato crate structure with 31k tracks all of which show up, under their current folder in serato and other library management programs but when I open Djay it shows the structure but almost all of the playlists are empty.

How to reproduce the issue:

I don’t seem to have to do anything for this to happen. It’s just happening every time. It’s possible that this is only happening with 5.1.3 but unfortunately I don’t have an older version to try or even know how I would obtain that.

This is very frustrating because my serato crates are the bedrock for my playlist management for any other software I might use.

I sold all my gear to get a Mixon 8 and make the conversion to djay and so far it’s been nothing but headaches the entire time.

Feeling really down about this

Hi @Deedot,

  1. Are your songs stored on your Mac internal drive or an external drive?
  2. What file format are your songs in?
  3. Can you please share a screenshot of the My Crates within djay?
  1. Internal drive
  2. Mp3 and ALAC
  3. Yes I will but my computer is busy at the moment. I’ll get those shots for you within an hour or 2

Thanks for the additional information @Deedot. Please confirm that the actual Serato library is in the ~/Music/Serato folder. The music itself can be located anywhere though.

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Yes it is in the proper folder

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I think I figured it out.

Since I’m doing a full library rebuild, the tracks haven’t been analyzed in serato yet. I noticed that after I analyzed a small folder, the tracks in that playlist show up in Djay now.

I will confirm this works for everything sometime tomorrow when the analysis is done :wink:

Excellent! Please report back and let me know if this is solved and the topic can be closed.

So somehow it’s actually worse…

I analyzed everything in sersto thinking that was the solution after analyzing 1 playlist and seeing that it now populated the same crate in Djay.

But now I open Djay and it shows no tracks of any kind.

Yes, right above the Crates structure there is the button that says “tracks”, all my tracks do show up there and always have but now I don’t even see 1 track under any playlist. At least before I had 130 tracks showing I playlists which increased to 189 when I had anazlyzed that one playlist.

I will try reinstalling but then if that doesn’t work I’d like to figure out if any older versions work unless you have a better solution. I will send screenshots ASAP. I’m just at work RN.

This makes me so sad.

Thanks for the update @Deedot. This sounds like unusual behavior for sure.

  1. How many tracks are in your Serato Library?
  2. Typically how many tracks per playlist?
  3. If you click on the “Tracks” at the top of My Crates then all your songs should show up in the right window.
    a. At the top of that window there should be the total number of songs and a down arrow.
    b. Click on this and Analyze Songs

31000 tracks

The amount per list varies immensely

I will try analyzing the tracks list and see if that end up populating the playlists . I really hope it does

Yeah that’s a few tracks. If the analyzing tracks doesn’t fix it, please let me know and I can forward this to the engineering team for further analysis. Thanks!

Unfortunately,. It’s not working. I still haven’t tried to install an older version.

Tracks are still analyzing but nothing is populating in any of the playlists

Thanks for the update @Deedot. I’ll send this over to the engineering team to see if they can reproduce your issue and offer any further suggestions.

EDIT: Also, as previously requested, please share some screenshots of the My Crates view is djay with the playlist structure and empty playlists

Hi @Deedot,

Please share the following Serato Library files/folders:

  • database V2
  • Subcrates
  • SmartCrates
  • neworder.pref

To share these, please upload them to your Dropbox/Google Drive, enable sharing permissions, then share a link to the files here. Thanks!

I can do this but in the meantime ive gone the apple music integration route as that seems to work without a hitch so far.

i will get that info to you as serato has been in my library management workflow for over a decade so i would really like to stick with iut but there are quite a few bonuses to the apple music intergration which i’m eager to erxplore

Okay, sounds good @Deedot

If the sharing folder …doesn’t work , maybe one of the reasons for empty crates showing in Djay is when you build your Serato database with Lexicon or similar app. One good solution is to delete the “database V2” file or move it in another folder if you want to keep it as a backup from the folder SERATO in music . Then open the Serato and analyse the tracks you don’t lose with this method your crates , cues but in some files maybe need to fix again the beatgrids. To avoid that before delete ‘database V2’ , lock inside the Serato the files that you want to keep the beat grids. keep in mind DJAY database is good to be around 30.000 songs till now maybe in the future it works better with biggest database …good luck

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@Slak_Jaw I have this same issue. I followed the instructions and have my Serato folder in the music folder and my songs showed up in the my crates section but they were grayed out and the software was telling me to locate the folders but when I would point it to the folders it wouldn’t do anything. I’m on an external HD MacBook Pro 2020, Intel Quad Core i5, 16gb, 13 inch running Ventura OS. I really want to full send to Djay Pro but this is limiting a long time Serato user like myself. Hopefully there is a solution?

Hi @DJMrGray, thanks for sharing this. Where are the actual music files stored (on your Mac hard drive, iCloud or an external drive)?

Please share the following Serato Library files/folders:

  • database V2
  • Subcrates
  • SmartCrates
  • neworder.pref

To share these, please upload them to your Dropbox/Google Drive, enable sharing permissions, then share a link to the files here. Thanks!

@Slak_Jaw Files are stored on an External Samsung T7 SSD plugged in via USB-C to my MacBook Pro. In the folder I also uploaded screen shots of Djay Pro and it asking me to allow access to the folders.