Serato Flip like feature

Is it possible to add a feature similar to Serato Flip, which we could basically make our own dj edits or remixes before hand and djay pro can save them? Possibly even allowing for multiple versions to be stored and triggered. With the combination of Neural Mix and the great effects within djay pro, to be able to use these when “recording” a new edit would be a huge bonus also.

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Hi @36StylesMusic,

Thanks for posting to the community for the first time!

At this time there is not a feature in djay similar to Serato Flip but I will pass this along as a feature request for our dev team to consider in future implementations of djay.

Looking forward to your next great suggestion!

I’d really like to see this too. Seems like it would be an easy add. Sort of like the saved loops, when you get to a “flip” cue it just jumps to the next “flip” cue.