Serato/Traktor/RB persons take on Djay


After 3 months of trial, I decided to make Djay my new main DJ software, walking away from Serato Pro. The 49.99 euro deal for one year subscription is just the best deal you can get on a professional DJ software right now if you don’t have a hardware-unlock at hand.
I hate the 1-month subscription model so this is just perfect and very cheap.

I have used Rekordbox, Serato and Traktor in the past and software Y comes with at least one less feature the software X has but software X has this unique feature that software Y dosen’t have.
So it is a mixed bag, it is all about what matters to you personally.

What I really like about DJay

  • Automated Beatgrid and BPM detection
    This blew me away, no software comes near to the accuracy of djay

  • The Settings and midimapping
    Changing the settings and dive into midimapping is so easy and straight forward. Big shoutout.

  • Stems
    Djay take it to another level, the stem feature is just the best I have ever used

  • Auto Gain
    The auto gain may not come as a important feature, but it is really solid and the software register gain very well.

  • The layout
    The main screen of Djay is just minimalistic perfect. You got everything you need, you are not bombarded with unessential options and the color scheme is really clement.

What I would like to improve with DJay

  • More options for Library
    The information from your library is very static. You can’t change much, you can’t add a comment or add colors (color is big thing for me). Is it a track I don’t like and want to add a note, that has to a mental note. And why is not “labels” not a option in the tree?

  • Better Record window
    The Record button and function does what it is supposed to do, but since I don’t see any volume LED, I get paranoid if sound is recorded or not

  • Export Playlist
    I can export in CSV but it looks crap, thought I could change what columns could be in it, but seems that I couldn’t. (I’ve tried to export and open in Windows Excel and…isch :), would be better if I could just export it to a txt file

  • Midi controllers don’t send information of their state
    One thing that has bothered me a bit that I have only problem with djay is that the djay software don’t registrate what the current state is of my controller. Example: if the volume fader on 50% when I enter the software, it will registrate as 0% or 100% till I move it. This goes also with all buttons and knobs. Never had that problem with serato or Traktor. Since I’m not a techy guy with software coding, I will just make a remark about it without knowing how hard it might be to do.

  • Midi mapping dosen’t add colors to pads
    Doing your own midi changes to your RGB pads dosen’t add colors, it is unlighted so it is very had to know if you have something on those pads.

Final thoughts
I really like Djay, I see for what it is and more importantly I see what it can become.
All DJ software has it’s quirks but I see a feature rich future for djay and that is why I have chosen it to be my new DJ software going forward.


Hi @djfredhaze, thanks for the detailed feedback. We really appreciate it!

  1. Regarding “Midi controllers don’t send information of their state”, which controller(s) are you using?
  2. Regarding “Midi mapping dosn’t add colors to pads”, can you please confirm that you have MIDI Output enabled for the pad mappings? Also, note that the Min and Max values here can be adjusted to control the LED ON and OFF colors.
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Hi, at least in MacOS, you have a lot of flexibility in everything that you include in “My Collection”, no matter if you have the tracks downloaded in your computer or from streaming services. You can include comments, colors, rating (stars), etc etc.

In the specific streaming crates you have less flexibility (no comments, for example), but you can still have colors.

I moved from Serato do Djay a few months ago, mostly for the reasons as you. Great choice.


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Just saw the midi map options for color scheme when re-mapping, thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

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Yeah, the Windows version and the Apple version has lot of difference between.
I think the program should be the same on both OS, but that is just me :slightly_smiling_face:

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