Serato user considering djay for mobile gig

Hey everyone,

I’ve been a Serato user for the past 8 years, using my DJ company’s equipment, laptops, and music library for my gigs.

Well, I recently left the company and a buddy of mine wants me to fly halfway across the country to DJ his wedding this December.

So I need a mobile solution. Since Serato no longer has music streaming, I have been considering using my iPad Pro and/or MacBook Air and djay to do it because of the Spotify integration (since I don’t really have any way to purchase thousands of dollars of music).

Thought I would reach out to the Algoriddim community and get your thoughts.

What’s the best controller solution for me?
Can I quickly switch between using a laptop and the iPad? (I use the iPad a lot during wedding gigs for announcements, notes, etc)
Any pitfalls I should avoid?
Any tips on making the switch over from a Serato workflow?
Hell, am I making a mistake even considering trying to switch from Serato for this one gig?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Its hard to depend on Spotify in Djay exclusively as you need an internet connection constantly. I always have a core of MP3s locally on laptop or iPad and use Spotify and switch if ever something happens. For songs, you may consider a record pool which start at about $20 a month and you have access to the library of mostly recent music (DJ City; MYMP3POOL…). DMS seems to have more of a selection catering to wedding DJs but it is more expensive. All these record pools cater to Serato use but can be used in Djay. Are you considering a controller? Hope this helps.

Hi Gontie, are there known stability issues for Djay Pro on Windows?

hi Riddler. just FYI, I am currently using the Pioneer DDJ-Wego3 with iPad, iphone and PC. All running the latest OS. Reloop may be the only other option as you mention. The Beatpad adn Beatpad 2 are cheaper alternatives to the MIXON4 but with less decks.

HI Corey. Nice setup. So it is possible to download songs on Spotify on a PC and DJAY PRO can access the downlooad?

I have totally built my setup around DJ Pro and spotify… I have got spotted my phone for internet when needed… and I’d use the iPad pro … I have both iPad and windows version iPad smashes it likewise windows spectre x 2 but iPad is version 2 so a bit tighter…

For small quick gig…wego by pioneer is great… I have a Mixon4 by reloop which is great …

The spotify integration is amazing…make your playlist whenever or wherever grad playlist from other DJ or genre’s and if you get desperate use the match function and it’ll find a song similar…

I had a showtimes set I had flung upon me…better Midler??? Wtf sure I can go that direction lol…thanks spotify lol…

Requests are easily handled I can even ask the requester to send a link to their playlist and if it’s a wedding ask the bride n groom to make a playlist and send it to you.

Use the download function and if no internet your covered…

Also plays iTunes playlist(synced) and songs on your hard drive as well.

Enjoy and have fun with the possibilities of so many songs and directions to go…

One thing… as a DJ read the crowd and dont just play what you want…on your playlist adapt to the setting and enhance the atmosphere …that’s a good DJ.

I’m using iPad 4th gen on a lighting cable and the included cable from mixon4 to lighting… however using a camera kit get one with the ability to charge as well…well worth the 10-20dollar different…

Windows 10 works however using both windows and iPad the iPad Pro 2 version is a little smoother…which is strange but I think it’s the difference between version 1 and version 2…

Windows 10 16gig and i7 so yes heaps of grunt

If you have a mac, you have chances to have a stable solution, if you only have WIndows, forgot using Djay pro.

Do you have an existing Midi controller ? If yes which one ?

What is your budget ? for a new controller i mean.

Hey djs or wanna be’s I have a iPad pro with djpro and dj2 fully loaded plus I have dj pro for Windows 10 fully loaded with tons of music in all three been a dj for years…now when windows 10 djpro was beta i did the testing stage and it has improved… now for iPad to work well you need the ( Geffen cable ) controllers won’t work, on ipad do to new updates… well for me it. Didn’t …now. If you gonna dj live and don’t have music then this job is NOT FOR YOU…dj pro an spotify only works well with paid priemium account and WI-FI…or or hottspot…

Hello dj well to honest with you. If your iPad is the 1st generation iPad Yes,it. Will work well with ddjwego3,reloop,and mixon4,now all these new iPad like air2, or iPad pro sierra 11.02 or newer ones will not work with controllers…why because Apple does not support non apple devices such as dj controllers now what you see in pics and videos are all old iPads…30 pin plugs…see closely on all…plus the camera kit wire only for camaras… Plus its costly piece if wire now
Bye dj pro for windows10 a good pc , get a premium account with spotify,… And with your ddjwego…controller…you will knocked dead…in all your gigs… Djpro for windows 10 is 4decks…as well as 2decks
Good luck dj…

Buy a controller which is compatible with both apps, but for working with iPad maybe a powered usb hub will be needed… So far i know, to work with Mac and iPad with Djay, take a lock on Reloop Mixon 4, but no aux in…and if you wish, you can use Serato Pro out of box…

Beatpad2 is way to go, so far i know, first generation production has ended… But be aware, if you use Mic, in both cases you will have only mic volumen, no eq…

I have my MacBook Air and my iPad Pro. Don’t have a controller, all of the equipment was my former company’s.

Thanks for all of the good information, everybody. Got a lot to think about.

Hey Corey, what app are you using to connect to the Akai?