serious lag to my entire computer

Djay Pro 2 for mac is causing serious lag to my entire computer(4 GHz Intel Core i7 32MB Ram)

any similar experiences ?

it is a relatively new iMac

iMac (Retina 5K, 27 Zoll, Ende 2015)
4 GHz Intel Core i7
32 GB 1867 MHz DDR3
3TB fusion Drive

Fusion Drive is a Drive combining SSD with Hard Disc… you cant pay 3TB SSD

thank you for letting me know how to make a screenshot,
can you tell me who you are?

the activity monitore shows that Djay Pro takes the most resources after Adobe indesign .

Mac OS High Siera 10.13.6
Djay Pro 2.07

this Kernel_task was active for about 10 minutes

seems like CPU is overheating… this is happening only when i am streaming with Djay Pro, never with iTunes


Lukas E (Official Rep)

i can understand why. … Djay Pro is a resources killer !! thats what i said

Hi there,

thank you for your mail.

In general we recommend closing other RAM heavy programs while using djay Pro.

Also, could you send us the exact djay version you are working with?

I think you mean 32GB of RAM?

At my Mac Book Pro i7 with 16GB of RAM i have no lag. I think you have to check Activity Monitor in Mac OS, which process the problem is…

Maybe it’s the weather, it is very hot these days…check also the temperature of your components.

Also always keep your software up to date. Install the latest versions.

And scan for malware with Malwarebytes for Mac.

Some older Mac’s have no SSD installed. When you buy one, you have to look at this.

The harddrive is most of the time the bottle neck.

Maybe an upgrade to SSD is possible…

You have the Fusion Drive. There is also another iMac version with real SSD.

“The Fusion Drive brings the speed of an SSD (also called flash memory) with the large storage capacity of a current hard drive. In this way all system files and apps are automatically stored on the SSD. The rest of your files are on the regular hard drive.”

It could be the bottle neck, but you should first look at Activity Monitor in Mac OS (similar to Task Manager in Windows), to look which process is taking a lot of resources.

Can you reply a screenshot of Activity Monitor? CMD+SHIFT+4

Can you also make a screenshot of the CPU tab?

What is see is that Djay Pro not slowing down your computer. It uses normal resources. And that is not much, if i see your iMac specs.

PS. I’m also a customer.

My DJ Pro uses less memory.

See my screenshots:

What are your versions?

  • Mac OS
  • DJ Pro

At my Mac Book Pro, i have no problems. I think that you have to look further.

Take a look at your virusscanner for example…

Kernel_task process with 289,9% CPU is not normal. I don’t think this is DJ Pro.

Maybe a hardware issue. CPU overheating? What’s the temperature in your room? In my room it is almost 30 degrees these days.