Serious Queue / Automix usability issues

DJ Pro AI iPhone/iPad v 3.6.5

I have reported these in the past, but the automix playlist selection has some serious problems when you want to switch the playlist or even add a song to play next.

  • The only way to change the playlist is to QUIT DJ Pro AI and then restart the app. Stopping the music for any reason is BAD.
  • There is no way to load a song in automix to the other deck. It will always load it on the active deck.
  • Please add a “Play Next” selection to the song menu (like between Add to Playlist… and Show Matching Songs).
  • There is no way to add a song to the Automix Queue.
  • There is no way to batch add songs to the Queue. They can only be added to a playlist (Add All to Playlist).
  • There is no way to batch add songs to the Automix Queue. They can only be added to a playlist.
  • There is no way to rearrange the songs in the Queue.
  • There is no way to batch remove multiple songs from the Queue.
  • There is no way to clear the entire Queue.
  • DJ Pro AI lost the ability to have the Automix work in the Classic, 2 and 4 Track decks. Please bring this back.
  • Please restore the Automix button in the Classic, 2 and 4 Track decks.
  • There is no way to know what song is queue up to be next in Automix.

These are serious usability issues for an app that is designed to be used professionally.

Hi @ncianca,

Thank you for getting in touch and your valuable feedback regarding the Automix.

We are taking in the feedback for future Automix considerations and will let you know when there are news.

It would be great if other users can share their thoughts towards the topic.

I agree on everything @ncianca has carefully lined up here, especially the extremely ugly forced loading of first Automix track over the active deck!

I’m always nervous about Automix killing a track suddenly during playback for no good reason. Whenever I take a break I have to remember to stop the set for a moment and then activate Automix.

This is not a terrible situation obviously but it shouldn’t exist when Automix can simply be smart enough to play after. I should NEVER have to worry about a dj app suddenly killing a song!

Just want to give a shout out to the djayPro team for listening to users and coming up with ways to address usability issues for those of us performing live in clubs using djayPro. djayPro has come a long way in just a short time and has replaced Serato for me (DVS support would be awesome wink wink – though the RANE Twelve MKII’s we just installed are freaking awesome).

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