Set automix start and endpoint in bars


I notice it’s possible to set the automix transition length in bars, but when you use ‘manual start/endpoint’ you can only set it in seconds. Would it be possible to also allow this to be set in bars? Because at the moment I’m trying to guess roughly how many seconds it’d be for 2 or 4 bars :slight_smile:

Awesome software btw. The manual endpoints are really handy for (e.g.) a kids party type arrangement, when I just want no gap between the songs rather than to try to carefully beatmatch or whatever!

Hi @Algy_Taylor,

Thanks for bringing this up to our attention.

I’ve reported this feature request to our developers and they’ll look into this as soon as it’s possible for them. We kindly ask for your patience while they do so.

Thanks again for helping us improve the app. We’ll stay in touch with you here.


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