Set Cue not working correctly

I am using an iPad Pro 11, running 14.7.1.

When I press set cue, it is not putting the cue point on the red line, it is placing it elsewhere , both pictures are taken when I have pressed set cue, and neither have the cue in the correct place.

Hi David,
Have you tried editing the grid by clicking on the little pencil icon which is located either in the bottom left corner of the waveform grid in the Left Channel or bottom right corner of the waveform grid in the Right Channel?

That’s not it, I’ve tried all that. Not sure why but it used to put the cue point in the exact place which was aligned to the red line. Now it doesn’t,

Sussed it. 2 days ago there was an upgrade and the cue snaps to the beat if quantile is switched on. So I switched it off and it works as before.

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