Set Default Individual FX Amount and Wet/Dry Levels

I’d like to suggest improved usability and intuitive customization for FX quantity & wet/dry settings. This way I can set a default for both quantity and wet/dry whenever an effect is loaded going forward.

I find too often that my controller (which only has three buttons per channel for FX and no amount knobs or other controls) can ONLY activate some arbitrary preset quantity of the effects. Sometimes the quantity sounds bad because it’s too little or too much for a given effect.

Reverb is a great example because there’s always so much that it creates this jarring, sudden wall of unnatural reverberating noise that cuts into the music poorly. Setting a quantity default of 50% or 50% wet/dry (or both) that would always be activated whenever I select Reverb would make the sound much better and add peace of mind when fingers are flying during a set.

This would be useful for DJ without controllers too. I notice that the FX amount slider simply stays wherever it was last set regardless of which FX is loaded. If I load Reverb at 50% quantity and then switch to Sweep, I’ll have to remember to manually adjust quantity (and remember how much I usually like in quantity) to the preferred settings EVERY TIME.

If I’m allowed to set defaults on quantity and wet/dry, I have more confidence of my sound and not feel like I’m rolling the dice on what an effect will do to my transition during hectic live mixing sessions.

I second this suggestion. All out of votes though.

I agree that there’s a problem with predictability of effects and also feel like I am left in the dark often enough about how an effect will sound like before I press the button. I disagree with the proposed approach because I think it will create even more confusion. For me, the Pioneer/Serato way is really good where you show discrete beat-based values because those are easy to remember.

Take the Looper effect, for example. Playing around with the analog slider, I can deduce that it has 4 different states. That’s already the first problem: the slider makes it seem like there’s a smooth increase of the effect when actually there are only four different states. The next problem is that it’s hard to tell where I have to put the slider to actually change the state. Somehow, the area for the first state is bigger than that of the last state. The pictures I’m attaching show the points at which the states change.

Coming back to what you stated, I think the FX part needs an overhaul to become more predictable.

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It’ll be nice if like the Gated fx or other could be Tempo based so it’ll sync and not be off beat

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