Set Grid is not that useful for Looping (Clicks)

The perfect Vocal-Loop gets a click in the end. I used “Set Grid” to remove the Transient from the later coming Kick-Drum-Part. But the App does nothing - or changes the grid far too high (almost a quarter note!).

Is this a common issue or can I change something?

Hi @SirHannes, I don’t have access to a Mac device at the moment so I’ll use the Windows version of djay Pro to demonstrate. I’m pretty sure the behavior is very similar on macOS.

  1. First, I recommend you zoom in on the waveform for better accuracy using the drop down menu on the waveform and the Zoom + button.
  2. Next, use the mouse to position the waveform exactly where you want to place the new Downbeat
  3. Now select the Edit/Pencil icon on the waveform and press the Set Downbeat button.
  4. The first time you press Set Downbeat button it will place the downbeat at the nearest beat on the waveform. However, if you press it a second time you should get a message asking if you want to place it in the current position. Press the Add Marker button.
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Also, if you’d prefer to leave the beat grid in the original location, but set a loop that is not on grid, you can do the following:

  1. Go to Settings>General and scroll to the bottom under the heading Cue Points & Loops.
  2. Here you can turn OFF Snap Loops to Beat Grid.
  3. Next, you’ll want to turn Quantize OFF.
  4. This will allow you to set the loop exactly where you want. Then you can save to loop to a free Saved Loops slot for later use.
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Thank you very much for your quick and successful help! It worked. But not (!) with “Set Downbeat” - here nothing happened, no message as you got.
But with Grid → move.

One thing I have to mention: already saved Loops will play the old way (with Transient in it).

You’re welcome @SirHannes. Glad that worked. Okay so the Grid Move on macOS behaves more like it does on iOS. Good to know.

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