Set grid start not working on some tracks

I am having trouble getting the beat to start at the right time because it seems that the grid is fixed. Is there way to slip the grid, or is it always locked on its own 1/8th notes?

See image attached of track: Various Artists - Progression Sessions 2 (Continuous Vocal Mix)

On which platform iOS or macOS?

Look up the manual section “Beatgrid”:


I have used “Set Grid Start” on many tracks, but for some, the beat grid is fixed at an offset of the tracks beat. See screenshot, where I want to align to the red vertical line, but it will only allow my to change the grid start to other yellow or white lines.

And for some odd reason, the Grid offset buttons are greyed out on this track, but not the others.

If you would like to replicate, here is the track name from Beatport:
Various Artists - Progression Sessions 2 (Continuous Vocal Mix)

Yeah, you are right, it might be a bug or undocumented track length limitation for beatgrids.

I did check this with this:
Vocal House Invasion 2014 - Continuous Mix by Various Artists on TIDAL.

And the “offset buttons” are greyed out and wasn’t able to align the beatgrid correctly.

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Yeah, noticed a pattern after going through more of my library that it happens on long tracks or vocal mixes, where there isn’t a distinct beat.

Wish I had the option to correct the beat grid. I’m beginning to hate this software.

I’m new to this software. Are you trying to play a continuous mix with different bpm’s on it? Most software’s I’ve used don’t do this, although it’s something I’ve seen termed as flexible beatgridding. I’m not doubting anyone, just curious to learn for myself.

Good question. No, I’m trying to assign a beat grid to basic tracks that for some reason grey out the beat grid buttons (e.g. ambient track, vocal mix track with a mix of beats and vocals), even though the track only has one distinct temp and doesn’t change all the way through.

Send a screenshot of just the one track?
It will not do a mix
Use the TAP button to set the tempo

Thanks for bringing this up, @aterix, and to everyone else on the topic thread for sharing additional information here. I’ve passed this question along to our development team to get some clarity on why the Grid Shift buttons are greyed out for certain tracks. I’ll keep you updated as soon as I have more information.

As our team is investigating this to determine how we might optimize the functionality in djay, it would be interesting for our developers to better understand what types of tracks you’re using where you’d like to have this option to shift the grid.

Could you please share some examples of tracks you’re using where you run into this? For example, are they long electronic tracks, or are they all mixes, or something else? Thanks in advance for the additional information.

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