Set list to SoundCloud

Why isn’t there a seamless way to export the set list to SoundCloud?

Hi @David_Johansson

Do you want to export your Soundcloud History (Set list e.g. Session List) as a Soundcloud playlist or as a tracklist for a mix?

So I guess of perhaps I confused you maybe? What my question was was I’d like to export DJays set list from my DJay app to SoundCloud or to Mixcloud I’d like to be able to just have a copy paste or a exportable link from my mix that I make on the DJ app that algorithm sells. SoundCloud or to Mix cloud I’d like share the songs Info to the public. I’d like to be able to share the artists name with the public so they know that they’re getting credit when I’m mixing their music so II’d like to be able to export my tracklist to SoundCloud.

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