SET start Cue button In the wrong place

Please remove that SET start Cue button. Maybe create PREPERATION window separated by a PERFORMACE window. This drives me nuts.
As per the Pic, that Start Cue was created by me mistakingly hitting the SET by mistake. Terrible placement.

Hey Lukas,

I don’t understand why any user would have the need to recreate a START Cue point after already create one.

The START Cue point is the most important Cue point of all. As a matter of fact, It is what the automix is supposed to use when DJAY loads a song. So there is no need to move that point unless the user is in a PRACTICE mode. So when a user in a PERFORMANCE mode, putting it in a place where it can mistakingly be hit just makes no sense. If the team thinks that having it there is no problem, then maybe ask themselves why are all other SET colored Cue points are in a seperate window.

There are many ways a live mix can go wrong. In my opinion, this is one of them.…

Refer to this DREAM as an idea to prevent any mishaps
Thanks in advance

*l should have said Move, not remove.
That photo was an example of the SET being triggered by mistake while that song was playing in a previous session. I was unaware that that had happened. If that SET button wasn’t there, the user would in a sense mistakeingly hit a GO TO and the needle would go there but not alter any settings.
This mishap was discovered after the song loaded in another session.
So since Algoriddim created an AUTOMIX mode where it depends on Cue points to stay put and behave, mishaps like this lower your rate of success dramatically.

Hi LaidbackFred,

a lot of users are working with the Set start point.

You can also re-set it (as you know) by setting it again.

What changes do you feel needed?

I think @laidbackfred makes a conceptually very valid point. I also organize all my keycommands and midi shortcuts that way. so that I can never accidentally hit and overwrite anything without a modifier key. given the small space on mobile devices this is something that can very easily happen.