Setlist only registering one side on split audio

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When using split audio (ie fader fully left/right), Djay only registers one sides music output to the setlist. This is very frustrating as only half the music I play is being registered to the setlist. Fix for this? a way around it? Thanks

I don’t understand. If the fader is fully to one side, then only that track is audible. Why would you expect the non audible track to be registered as played?

Thats not correct. If you split the audio (stereo splitter) and use the headphone jack you can feed both decks into an external mixer and use that. I dont use the crossfader at all in Djay… I use the external mixers crossfader. Unfortunately only half of my sets are being recorded though

You did not say you were using an external mixer, therefore the text “fader fully left/right” was misleading.

I wonder though, based on your comments, are you using the internal mixer setting, and running one deck to main output and the other one from the cue signal? That would explain things.

Could be… what setting should I be running to use a splitter and external mixer?

Is that a yes or a no? :man_shrugging:

Using a splitter is less than ideal anyway, because you’re DJing in mono. What make and model is your mixer?

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Also, I’m not sure I completely understand your issue.

  1. Can you please share some photos of exactly how your system is connected including all adapters, cables and hardware?
  2. Please share a screenshot of your djay Settings>Audio Devices

I think he’s trying to emulate an external mixer setup without having a suitable audio interface.

He’s using a splitter cable (split stereo signal into mono master and mono cue) and sending the master signal to one mixer channel and the cue signal to the other mixer channel.

That’s why the software is only registering half the tracks as played.

Yes Thats Correct… Most Club systems are in Mono so this works great for me

…except set lists doesn’t register all tracks played…Only if you use the crossfader.

Hi @Saintdj, please answer my post above then I can try to troubleshoot this with you. Thanks.

@Saintdj the problem is caused by your incorrect setup. If you want to use an external mixer then you need to have a suitable audio interface. You can’t set it correctly if all you have is a splitter cable.

Only half the tracks are registering because you’re only sending one deck to the master output.

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@PKtheDJ is correct.

@Saintdj please note that a DJ splitter cable is not meant to be used in the way you are attempting. This type of cable splits the normal stereo output into a single mono master output and a mono headphone cue output. This is not intented for 2 mono master outputs like you are trying.

What would be the correct way? Im using an iPad Pro and have some for many years and wasn’t aware an audio interface existed for iPads?

@Saintdj there are many options:

  1. A USB audio interface like the Reloop Flux (Reloop Flux - Reloop).
  2. An officially support DJ controller for iOS (DJ Controllers, DJ Mixers and other DJ Accessories | Algoriddim)
  3. The list above also includes several external mixer options that are supported on iOS.

There are also several discussion on this forum related to USB audio interfaces. Here’s a good example: Precueing using external USB sound cards

Thanks for the advice… Unfortunately the crossfader issue will still be present and my iPad Pro has a lightning connector so Flux isn’t an option. Can you disable the crossfader within the software? Is there a setting somewhere?

  1. You should be able to use the Flux with a genuine Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter. Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter - Apple
  2. It’s not possible to disable the Crossfader in settings, but if you switch djay to 4 Deck Mode, you can set your Crossfader assignments for all 4 decks to Thru.

Thanks for your help with this

You’re welcome @Saintdj