Setting and removing end points


How do we set and remove end points?

(I used to be able to do it with my Wego 4 controller, but now I can’t even seem to do it that way.)

Please advise. Thanks.

Hi @Loticicio, I’m assuming you’re talking about start and end automix points. Please see the screen shot below and follow the number sequence.

So would this be done to every song in the list that automix is going to play? Like set it for each one or its just a one time thing that puts it for every song in automix playlist?

If you want to control the exact start and end points of the Automix, you need to do this for every song. Otherwise djay will choose its own start and end points for Automixing.

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Thanks @Slak_Jaw !

No problem. You’re welcome @MrG.

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