Setting AutoMix start/exit points

I am pretty sure that the answer to this is no. I wanted to use Automix (on Mac) for a party that I am putting on. However, I would love to be able to set the start/exit points for every song so when auto mix does its thing, it enters a song at the correct point. Is this even possible?

I would also love to transition songs remotely from my iPhone or Watch to my Mac. Is this possible?

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I have the same issue and I’ve read the manual for Djay Pro 2 (on Mac). I notice that the preferences for Automix include a “Use start and end point of song if possible” setting but the manual does not explain what that means exactly. Does someone know what this does?

Yes, you can set Automix Start/End points per track as a special type of cue. Pretty neat to setup a base playlist you could walk away from if needed.

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Hey Ben,
No, djay has a basic settings that reflect for all tracks,
I’ve programmed all my start/end cue points at 32beats, it is perfect for most dance tracks.

Djay has s SKIP feature that makes this easy.
Example: I’ll cue a song at a moment a songs starts “singing”, then I’ll skip back 32 beats and set my START cue point. Perfect blends!

Hey Sebastian,
Walk away, do you notice automix overwriting the end cue point?
Am I the only one with issue?

Cool, that would be the IDEA (lightbulb)

Hey … Check the manual ……

Section 4.8.3 Automix - for Automix using start and end points.

Section 4.7 Shortcuts and multi-touch control - for setting start and end points per song.

Iphone/Watch control for Mac is not possible - sorry.

ShortCuts: Set start/end point–> deck1 ⌥ + Q/T deck 2 ⌥ + P/Y

Is there anyway to edit the Automix setting PER TRACK or even edit the ‘planned’ Automix for the queue?  The references above appear to relate to a previous version (of the Manual anyway!)


Thanks Sebastian - you put me on the right track!
For others, the trick is to place start and end cues on your tracks using Alt Q/T respectively, and setting the Automix defaults to ‘use Start/Stop markers’

As a follow-on question, does anyone know of a way to edit more Automix parameters PER TRACK (ie different Crossfade times PER TRACK etc?


Also, (after experimenting) the Automix Preferences take effect as soon as they are changed, so a combination of setting Start/End points, and amending the settings as the mix progresses works well!  For example, the majority of Mix 1 works fine with automatic settings, but if you want 1 track to finish completely before the next kicks in, just amend the setting during song 1, change back once the transition to song 2 is complete.

Thanks for everyone’s input - anyone know where the ‘Feature Request’ forum is? :slight_smile: