setting loop size with reloop beatpad

There’s no way of seeing a loop size with the dedicated loop knob on the reloop beatpad. It would be really useful to be able to turn the loop knob and see on screen a ‘box/section/setting’ scrolling through 1/2/4/8/16/32 bars . Thanks .

So I realized I can see the loop size if I keep this window open…But 'how small is it? Omg!!! I’m gonna need glasses in a year. Please can you make it a permanent add on to the template without having to press buttons to get the screen up . And make the loop size numbers 'larger ’ so you can see it clearly in a dark nightclub…thankyou. ps. That’s my reloop in the nightclub in the dark so u can see my point :slight_smile:

4th night djing with it …and it’s still not any easier as my eyes adjust…does anyone know if I can buy a tiny magnifier to rest on my iPad screen ? Once you dj in a club or the dark you will see my lonely point…reloop or no controller… Tiny vs tiny :))

Above is Djay and reloop in the dark -,students freshers lol

Sometimes u need to squint to see the screen