Setting start/cue point at start of track - DDJ RB

Hi all,

I’m new to DJAY PRO and using a Pioneer DDJ RB as a controller.

When I load a song, I want to reset the start/cue point to the first beat of the song - often the cue point is a couple of seconds or less from the first beat meaning there’s a split second of nothing before the tune kicks in when pressing play.

Using the software directly this is straight forward (using the ‘little arrow pointing to the dot’ button) but is there a way to set this from the controller?

I’d have hoped something like Shift+Cue would work, but this isn’t it!

I’m mostly using music from Spotify.

Any help is appreciated.


I have the same issue using the Pioneer DDJ-SB2 and yes, it would be nice if the Cue button was activated when moving the jog wheels to set the cue point as it is when pausing a playing track. What I am forced to do now in that situation is click on the cue set button on djay pro 2 which takes my hands away from the SB2.

Hi Brad,

thank you for your mail.

The Start-Stop-Set behaviour is expected with Pioneer controllers.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

I’ve realised that if I start the track (play/pause), then pause it, I can set the cue point but this is a bit annoying.

I’d like to simply use the jog wheels to locate the point I want to set as the cue, then set the cue from there. Is this possible?

Any ideas welcome (and thanks again)!


That’s great, thanks - just so long as I wasn’t missing a trick! Cheers again.