Setting up my own individual folders for certain events I dj ahead of time

New to djay program on iPad. Want to use it as abackup or main for when I dj instead of using virtual dj. I will route this to my mixer. Hopefully apple will have this multiroute audio stereo cables out soon? I have all of my music on pc setup into my own folders that make sense for me. How can I setup my own folders on iPad to categorize certain sets or types of music. Then search within those folders like I can in virtual dj. For instance to setup a folder called “smith reception” ahead of time so I have their all the songs they want. Or a folder for classic rock. Is this all done with playlists when it comes to apple products?

Hi Lou,

Yes, djay for iPad directly integrates the iPad’s music library. So, you need to create the playlists either in the Music app directly on your iPad or via iTunes on your Mac/PC and then sync them to your iPad.

By the way, here are instructions on how to use multi-routing:…

This is no longer true. The new built-in library in djay for iPad no longer uses the native iPad music library. Thus, all playlists folders have been eliminated - a real pain for organized DJs and now almost unusable! Algoriddim made their own library model to support BPM labeling. I wish they would give us users the option to use their library model or the native iPad library!