Setup for using djay 2.1 for Android 5 (Nexus 7 2013) with Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3

I’m interested in using the mentioned combination since this is the killer setup on a budget for a bedroom DJ with spotify integration.
In the news article [1] it is mentioned the audio devices of DDJ-WeGO3 are being used for output, but in the video there is still an audio cable connected to the tablet.
My question is: which cable is needed to connect Nexus tablet and DDJ-WeGO3?
USB OTG? Do i need an active USB Hub?
And do i still need the Griffin split cable? Because from my understanding this should no longer be needed.

Thanks for feedback. Can’t wait to test it out (if it works).


I think you have to try it, because all android devises are different.
I can use the wego 3 for my jiuya android, but have to use the headphone output for audio. I will try whe beatpad with it later.

Thank you for sharing this, rokr! Yes, the Pioneer Wego3 needs to be connected using an OTG cable.

Hello! I try Wego 3 I own with my Nexus phone 5 and it works very well. the phone recognizes the WEGO3! you have all functions except the search for music you manually performs effects working but I did not find how to configure compared to Wego 3 button! the connection is made using the USB2 cable and an adapter for the mini USB the phone so you will be the adapter to your tablet! You can find the classic computer store shelf or connectors! The audio output is through the Wego 3 RCA and headphone listening through the headphone jack of Wego 3! you use the supplied power Wego 3! So good mix

I forgot to tell you that 3 Wego is not charging the battery of phones and tablet

I don’t know why i didn’t saw it earlier, there was a similar question already:…

Now that i got a WEGO3 i can answer it myself: You need an OTG Cable (You can search for it at amazon. They are used to connect usb-devices to an android tablet/phone e.g. mouse/keyboard etc.).
Now connect USB cables (OTG at android device and the provided USB cable from Wego3 and it should work instantly.
Thats it.
Note: While connected to Wego3 the tablet is not being powered. I will test it with a powered usb hub.

Does OTG USB work with your tablet? If not i tihink it will not work.

Does this work? I’m a beginner and want to use djay2 on a Samsung galaxy. I’ve purchased wego3 today and the guys at decks.Co. UK say it’s not compatible so can’t offer connection advice. Looking for advice to get it up and running. The thanks