Several bugs I've found...

MacBook Air 2024 M3 16GB
Sonoma 14.1.1
djay 5.1.6
Reloop Mixon 8 Pro

Hi guys - I’ve found the following issues when using djay

1- Neural mix volumes reset on track load - my neural mix volumes are mapped to the rotary knobs, it would be good if could we have a check box like there is for eq/fx reset on track load

2- Manual FX parameters are not saving on app exit

3- Crossover setting (in settings) is not saving on app exit

4- Option to show sampler and looper missing from the configure midi menu (show waveforms etc is there though)

5- No option to navigate between match/history/queue in configure midi menu

6- One of the tempo faders goes non responsive during a mix when playing two decks together in the mix using sync

7- When using auto gain the volume jumps if the gain is then adjusted to the exact volume of the gain knob which is quite jarring when playing live - it would be so much better if it behaved like the auto gain does in Serato or Im having to manually gain each track as I play

Thanks! Will :slight_smile:

There’s option that you can enable/disable auto-reset things upon track load on deck. Just uncheck it all and the setting will be retained.

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Unfortunately neural mix volume isn’t included in that setting hence the bug report :slight_smile:

This has to do with the Reloop. I also had the problem with the Mixon 8 pro, then switched to the Pioneer flx10, since then no problems, also no problems with the Pioneer Rev1.

Which issues are you referring to? I doubt it’s the Reloop on any issues tbh because I’ve had the same problems on my other setups too (I’ve got Rane Twelves, Denon SC6000M, Pioneer S11 MIxer and a Rane 72 Mixer) and with two laptops, one of which is brand new with a fresh install from scratch of all software.

Neural mix volume and sound issues over all.