Sharing cuepoint/loop metadata for Spotify tracks?

DJing with Spotify is a game changer, and being able to set the grid, cuepoints and loops with my iPad while doing cardio is awesome. I’d love to be able to share these with a buddy, so we can collaborate on this drudge work and share the benefit for performance.

On that note… why not make this metadata generally available for the community? It would be amazing to load up a Spotify track and have labeled cuepoints already set by someone. If the app lets you quickly toggle between options and select your favorite, then it could default to the most popular set.

DJing with good cuepoints is much easier and more expressive than working from scratch (so to speak) and this feature would really amp up DJay’s primary differentiating factor: Spotify integration. Please consider adding this feature in future!

…furthermore, encouraging this communal sharing of metadata, especially with a set of common labels (drop, build-up, break-down, intro, outro, energy level) would provide a very useful body of metadata for Spotify, particularly for its own mixing algorithm. That may already be part of the deal. Regardless, implementing and encouraging this crowdsource model would boost that considerably.


Thank you for this nice feature idea!

I added a Track Meta Data sharing option to our agenda. At the moment this is not possible.

Thank you for your input and it would be great if other users can share their thoughts on this.


Lukas E.

That would be nice!