shift botton/ cut mode

Hey Guys , Just wondering how I can regain the cut mode for scratching? I was able to hold to shift button down and move the jog wheel at the same time and I would get a cool cutting effect. I must have pushed some kind of button or something as I can NO longer push the shift button and have the scratch/cut mode work . Please advise what I need to do, I would like to just press the shift button and be able to hear a cutting effect. Thanks All.

Hi Frankie,

What happens now if you press SHIFT and move the turntables at the same time?

Generally speaking, you can check your MIDI settings. Tap the gear icon and go to MIDI and try the following settings:

  • Crossfader Cutting Mode: ON
  • Invert Crossfader: OFF
  • Jog Pitch Bend Mode: OFF

Also, which controller do you have? Some controllers have a “Scratch” button to change the behavior of the jogwheels from e.g. scratch to jog seek or pitch bend. Make sure that the Scratch button is properly set.

If possible, can you please make a video recording showing the issue so we can see exactly what is going on? Thanks!

Awesome, glad to hear that.

Hey Warren,
When I push the shift button and move the jog wheel it just scratches … it does not go into cut mode, but the cross fader on the Ipad rapidly moves back and fourth as if it were working … but it is not. I went in to the midi settings and it was set as you described it should be. I am using the Numark I DJ PRO … Please advise what I can do to get the shift mode working again so that the cut mode will work … Thanks for your help

Hey Warren , I just wanted to let you know that I hooked up the Numark Idjpro to a set of speakers with a set of XLR’s and the problem fixed itself! It works now … am unsure how … but it seems as if hooking up speakers and playing live fixed the issue I was having. Thanks Warren.